Epoxocast EB 333

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Self-extinguishing Casting Compound Flame class 94 V-0.



Epoxocast EB-333 is allow viscosity, self-extinguishing epoxy potting and casting compound which conforms to Underwriters Laboratories standard 94 Flame Class V-0. It is used in potting and casting situations where low viscosity for penetration and flow is necessary, and where self-extinguishing properties are important.

Properties - Uncured:-                                             Epoxocast EB333    Epoxocure 9    Epoxocure 11

Color, visual                                                               Black

Viscosity ASTM-D-2393 (c.p.s. @ 25C)               13,000

Specific Gravity                                                         1.5

Mix Ratio (weight)                                                     ---                                100: 5-6            100: 7-8

Mixed Viscosity ASTM-D-2393 (c.p.s. @ 25C)    ---                                2,000 cps         3,000 cps

Pot Life @ 25C (100 grams)                                  ---                                30-40 Minutes  6-8 Hours

Shelf Life @ 70C                                                     12 months

Properties - Cured:-


Hardness, ASTM-D-2240 (Durometer)                                                      Shore D 80      Shore D 85

Tensile Strength, ASTM-D-638                                                                   11,500 psi        12,000 psi

Tensile Elongation, ASTM-D-638                                                                2.75%               3.75%

Compressive Strength, ASTM-D-695                                                         17,500 psi        19,500

Flexural Strength, ASTM-D-790                                                                  14,000 psi        14,500 psi

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (cm/cm/C)                                           40x10(-6)          44x10(-6)

Heat Distortion Point                                                                                     125C                155C

Flammability Rating                                                                                        94 V-0


Dielectric Strength, ASTM-D-149 (volts/mil)                                              410                    430

Dielectric Constant, ASTM-D-150                                                               4.4                     4.5

Dissipation Factor, ASTM-D-150                                                                0.02                   0.02

Volume Resistivity, ASTM-D-257 (ohm-cm)                                              1x10(15)           1x10(15)

Thermal Conductivity                                                                                    4.3 BTU             4.5 BTU

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Weigh out required amount of Epoxocast EB-333.

  2. Weigh out Epoxocast EB-333 the proper amount of curing agent according to the ratios described.

  3. Mix thoroughly, being careful to scrape sides and bottom of container to ensure proper blending.

  4. Evacuate for 2-5 minutes if void-free castings are required.

  5. Pour into cavity or mold.

Cure Schedule:

Epoxocure 9 Cure 2-3 hours at room temperature; or accelerated cure times are possible with higher temperatures for total mass casting of less than pound.

Epoxocure 11 Cure 4-6 hours at 75C with post-cure of 2-3 hours at 100C.

With Epoxocure 9   Operating Class B capable.

With Epoxocure 11 Operating Class F capable.


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