Epoxocast EB 70-1-1

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Equal mix ratio; flexible epoxy potting/casting compound.


EB-70-1-1 a low shrink shock resistant epoxy compound. It has found use in assemblies subjected to mechanical stress. Features good physical and electrical properties. Equal mix ratio designed for production/dispensing equipment. Non-abrasive formulation.

Properties - Uncured:-                                             Part A                          Part B             

Color, visual                                                               White                          Black



Viscosity                                                                     3100 cps                    4000 cps


                                                                                    3500 cps

Specific Gravity                                                         1.44                            1.44    

Shelf Life                                                                   12 months

Properties - Cured:-


Hardness, ASTM-D-2240 (Durometer)                 Shore D 68

Tensile Strength, ASTM-D-638                              2,000 psi

Tensile Elongation, ASTM-D-638                          80%

Compressive Strength, ASTM-D-695                    3,500 psi

Flexural Strength, ASTM-D-790                             2200 psi


Dielectric Strength, ASTM-D-149 (volts/mil)         375

Dielectric Constant, ASTM-D-150                         4.5

Dissipation Factor, ASTM-D-150                           0.08

Volume Resistivity, ASTM-D-257 (ohm-cm)         7 x 10^12

Thermal Conductivity    3.5 BTU

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Pre-mix contents of each container before use to assure uniformity.  Some slight settling may occur, but it will be soft and easily re-incorporated.

  2. Measure out equal volumes of each component and mix together thoroughly. Be careful to scrape sides and bottom of container to incorporate all unmixed material, or serious loss of physical and electrical properties will result.

  3. De-air (if necessary) at 0.5 cm. Hg. for 5 minutes.

  4. Pour into cavity or mold.

  5. Re-cover both containers immediately after each use as deterioration can result.

Cure Schedule:

Allow 16 hours at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. To accelerate cure allow 2 hours at room temperature then 130 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours.


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