Epoxosil RTV-1142

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Low Viscosity, Flame Class 94 V-O, RTV Silicone Compund.



Epoxosil RTV-1142 is a low viscosity, room temperature vulcanizing liquid silicone rubber compound, which is Flame Class 94 V-O. It is used for electronic component and system embedment and sealing. It exhibits good toughness, low temperature flexibility, and high temperature resistance, as well as the superior electrical properties exhibited by RTV silicones.

Properties - Uncured:-

Color, visual                                                               White

Viscosity ASTM-D-1084                                          18,000 cps

Specific Gravity                                                         1.4

Mix Ratio (RTV cat 12)                                            0.1-0.5 by weight

Mixed Viscosity ASTM-D-1084                              16,000 cps

Pot Life @ 72C                                                        1-4 Hours

Shelf Life @ 72C                                                     6 Months

Properties - Cured:-


Hardness, ASTM-D-2240 (Durometer)                  Shore A 55

Tensile Strength, ASTM-D-412                               600 psi

Tensile Elongation, ASTM-D-412                            150%

Tear Strength, ASTM-D-624 (Die B lb./in.)             35

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (cm/cm/C)        20 x 10^-5 psi

Service Temperature                                                  -55C to 204C

Shrinkage                                                                     0.2% to 0.5%


Dielectric Strength, ASTM-D-149 (volts/mil)            500

Dielectric Constant, ASTM-D-150 (60 Hz)               3.8

Dissipation Factor, ASTM-D-150(60 Hz)                  0.12

Volume Resistivity, ASTM-D-257 (ohm-cm)             1x10^15

Thermal Conductivity                                                    2.5 BTU

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Weigh out the required amount of Epoxosil RTV-1142.

  2. Measure the required amount of catalyst.

  3. Mix thoroughly, scraping both the bottom and sides of the mixing container.

  4. Evacuate mixture @ 29 in Hg for 3-4 minutes to insure a void-free casting.

  5. Pour into unit, cavity or mold.

Cure Schedule:

Overnight at room temperature (12-16 hours) @ 72F.  Faster tack-free surfaces achieved using varied catalysts.


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