Epoxosil RTV-1295

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Thermally Conductive, Deep Section Cure Reversion Resistant, RTV Silicone Encapsulant.



Epoxosil RTV-1295 is a low viscosity, RTVS silicone encapsulant which displays high thermal conductivity, and may be heat accelerated to final cure. Epoxosil RTV-1295 will conform to UL 94 V-0 flame retardency, and is also reversion resistant.

Properties - Uncured:-                                             Part A:                             Part B:

Color, visual                                                               Red                                 Clear

Viscosity ASTM-D-1084                                          80,000 cps                     1,000 cps

Specific Gravity                                                         2.4                                   .96

Mix Ratio (weight)                                                                     100:10

Mixed Viscosity ASTM-D-1084                                               20,000 cps

Pot Life @ 72C                                                                        40 - 45 Minutes

Shelf Life @ 72C                                                                     6 Months

Properties - Cured:-


Hardness, ASTM-D-2240 (Durometer)                                 Shore A 75

Tensile Strength, ASTM-D-412                                              475 psi

Tensile Elongation, ASTM-D-412                                           100%

Tear Strength, ASTM-D-624 (Die B lb./in.)                            20

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (cm/cm/C)                       18 x 10^-5 psi

Service Temperature                                                                 -55C to 204C


Dielectric Strength, ASTM-D-149 (volts/mil)                            500

Dielectric Constant, ASTM-D-150 (60 Hz)                              3.7

Dissipation Factor, ASTM-D-150(60 Hz)                                0.005

Volume Resistivity, ASTM-D-257 (ohm-cm)                           5x10^14

Thermal Conductivity                                                                  10.0 BTU

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Pre-mix Part A in original container before withdrawing any material.

  2. Measure 10 parts of Part B for each 100 parts of Part A by weight.

  3. Mix thoroughly, scraping both the bottom and the sides of mixing container.

  4. To ensure void-free castings, evacuate @ 29 in. Hg. For 3-4 minutes.

  5. Pour into unit or mold.

Cure Schedule:

Overnight at room temperature (12 16 hours @ 72 F), or

            a)  4 hours        @ 140 F

            b)  1 hour         @ 200 F

            c)  15 minutes   @ 250 F


Certain materials may inhibit the cure of Epoxosil RTV-1295 when placed in contact with the mixed, uncured rubber.  Materials such as amines and amine cured epoxies, sulfur containing materials and condensation (tin cured) silicones, are some which may cause inhibition.  Even surfaces which have been in contact with such materials may cause it.  If in doubt, a patch test should be done.



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