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U.S. EPOXY GROUT is a low viscosity, high strength, rapid curing, heat resistant thermosetting epoxy grout. U.S. EPOXY GROUT exhibits no shrinkage, excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, high chemical resistance to oils, water, alkali and most dilute mineral acids. U.S. EPOXY GROUT is supplied as pre-measured kits of liquids only, the end user supplying locally available graded aggregate.

Basic Use

U.S. EPOXY GROUT is used as a high strength, chemically resistant foundation grout for keeping large mechanical equipment in precise alignment. U.S. EPOXY GROUT is used by major industry for setting compressors, milling machines, lathes, diesel engines, ball mills, etc.


Do not use when surface and air temperatures are below 42 degrees F. Exposure to temperatures exceeding 150 degrees F for long periods of time is not recommended.

Surface Preparation

Concrete surfaces of application must be clean and sound. Remove all grease oils, dirt, efflorescence and laitance. Sand blasting is preferred to assure maximum adhesion. New concrete surfaces should be cleaned with muriatic acid, followed by a thorough water rinse. Concrete surface must be dry before application of U.S. EPOXY GROUT.

Mixing Instructions

Standard kits are pre-measured in the following proportions:

U.S. EPOXY GROUT-Base-19lbs
U.S. EPOXY GROUT-Reactor-8lbs

To each pre-measured kit, 135lbs of 20-40 mesh silica is required. U.S. EPOXY GROUT may be mixed in a concrete or plaster mixer. For smaller jobs, a mortar box or a wheelbarrow may be used.

Thoroughly mix Base with Reactor, then slowly add aggregate.


Pour in the same manner as for conventional grouts. The flow characteristics are excellent.


Each unit of U.S. EPOXY GROUT mixed with 135lbs of sand will yield 1.21 cubic feet or 9 gallons of grout.


Clean tools and equipment before grout sets with lacquer solvents, xylol, toluol or ketones.

Physical Properties/Technical Data

Mix Ratio: 2:1 By Volume
Pot Life: 1-2 Hours @ 77 F. 1/2-3/4 Hour @ 100 F.
Cure Time: 6-8 Hours @ 77 F.
Compressive Strength (ASTM D 695): 13,000 psi @ 70 F. 7,000 psi @ 125 F.
Tensile Strength (ASTM D 638): 6,000 psi Minimum
Tensile Elongation (ASTM D 638): 2% Minimum
Color: Neutral
Bond Strength To Concrete: Exceeds Strength Of Concrete
Bond Strength To Steel: 2,400 psi
Shelf Life: 2 Year Minimum


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