High Gloss Epoxy Coat



HIGH GLOSS EPOXY COAT is a two component, 100% solids, solvent free epoxy coating. It is a high performance, tile-like coating used for coating steel tanks, pipes, castings, drums, wood, concrete and other masonry surfaces. High gloss epoxy coat is particularly suitable for application with two component spray equipment. The coating is characterized by fast cure, excellent adhesion, outstanding, chemical resistance and low temperature curing (39F) HIGH GLOSS EPOXY COAT can also be applied by conventional brush or roller.

Basic Use

High Gloss Epoxy-Coat is recommended as a coating wherever chemical resistance is needed. It is specifically designed for the protection of steel and concrete surfaces in continuous immersion service and chemical environments.


Do not apply at temperatures below 39 degrees F. Mix only at the amount that can be applied in 25 minutes. For best results, do not thin. If necessary coating can be thinned with 5% Benzyl Alcohol.

Surface Preparation

Prepare surface by method suitable for exposure and service. Always clean off any contamination between coats prior to applying subsequent topcoats.

Steel: All surface contamination, rust, mill scale, previous coatings, and any foreign matter must be removed by dry abrasive blasting to SA 2.5 (near white metal) and coated within 8 hours or before visible rusting occurs. Round off all rough welds and sharp edges and remove weld spatter.

Concrete: New concrete must age 28 days before coating. Form release agents, curing compounds, salts, and previous coatings must be removed and surface properly prepared by mechanical abrasion, abrasive blast or acid etching. Surface must then be swept, vacuumed or flushed to remove all spent abrasives, dust and all other foreign matter.

Mixing Instructions

Material is supplied in a pre-measured kit. Mix entire contents of Part B container into the Part A container using a slow speed drill or strong mixing stick. Be sure to scrape sides and bottom of can while mixing. Mix ratio is 2.5 parts of Base (Part A) to 1 Part of reactor (Part B).


Airless Spray: Standard airless spray equipment such as Graco President or Bulldog 30:1 pump ration. Inbound air pressure 100 psi and minimum 2800 psi at spray gun. Fluid tip size .012 to .015 inch, 2-6 mil coats are required if sprayed!! Second coat can be applied as soon as the first coat is tack free or within 24 hours. If you wait longer than 24 hours between coats, the surface should be lightly sanded before coating!! Total dry film thickness: 10-15 mils.

Brush or Roller: Material can be applied as thick as desired on horizontal surfaces since it is a 100% solids epoxy system. No solvents will get trapped in. One coat should give the desired thickness. If a second coat is desired, it can be applied as soon as the surface is tack free or within 24 hours without sanding.

Important: Before filling tanks with chemicals or water, let HIGH GLOSS EPOXY COAT cure for 7 days at 77 degrees F.

Type Coating

Bisphenol A/ Epichlorohydrin epoxy resin type base liquid aliphatic amine adduct hardener

Finish: High gloss
Mix Ratio: 2.5 Part A: 1 Part B
Coverage by Roller: 125 square feet per gallon
Drying Time: 77 F. -5 hours tack free
Pot Life: 100 grams at 77 F.- 30 minutes
Induction Time: 2 minutes
Viscosity: 2000 CPS
Total Solids: 100%
Shelf Life: 12 months minimum

Handling/Safety Precautions: Read material safety sheets before using!

Danger! Corrosive to eyes and skin. Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. May cause dermatitis and sensitization.
Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing
Do not breathe vapor, mist or spray
Store in tightly closed containers in dry area

Use only with adequate ventilation.


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