Broadcast and Non-Skid Application



U.S. Epoxy coatings can be easily made into anti-skid floor surfaces. There are two ways of doing this:

1.Full Broadcast System

Apply material with brush, roller or squeegee. While the epoxy is still wet, follow with liberal broadcasting or seeding of aggregate until no wet spots can be seen on the epoxy.

Remove unbounded excess aggregate by broom or vacuum cleaner when dry (usually the next day).

Apply thin second coat of epoxy with squeegee or roller making sure to slightly expose aggregate.

2. Light Broadcast System

Apply material by brush, roller or squeegee. While applying epoxy, lightly seed or broadcast sand on to the wet coating and go over it with the brush or roller. Put as much sand or aggregate as needed to get the skid proof surface desired.

Grit Size: 12-36 mesh size

Type sand commonly used:

Flint shot, 1/4 grit sand, Emery or Carborundum


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