Polyglaze-Polyurethane is a two component aliphatic modified polyurethane. It features high gloss and fast drying with excellent resistance to acids, alkali's, fumes, solvents, salts, seawater and various other chemicals. This product should be used whenever the ultimate in chemical, abrasion and solvent resistance is needed.

Basic Uses

Industrial and commercial flooring, warehouses, ramps, garages, locker rooms, firehouses, pharmaceutical production areas, airplane hangers, battery rooms, petrochemicals, offshore rigs, sewage waste treatment plants. Any where a highly chemically resistant, graffiti resistant, and decorative coating is desired.


 Available in clear and colors

High Gloss

Good low temperature cure as low as 40 degrees F

Surface Preparation

Remove any oil, grease, dust, dirt or loose paint from the surface to be coated. All surfaces should be completely dry.

Clean Up

Use Xylene, PM Acetate or Lacquer Thinner

Chemical Resistance


Sulfuric acid: excellent
Hydrochloric acid: excellent
Nitric acid: excellent
Acetic acid: excellent
Citric acid: excellent
Oleic acid: excellent
Lactic acid: excellent
Phosphoric acid: excellent


Sodium Hydroxide: excellent
Ammonium Hydroxide: excellent
Aniline: excellent

Solvents & Miscellaneous:

Toluene: excellent
Xylene: excellent
Mineral spirits: excellent
Benzene: excellent
Gasoline: excellent
Turpentine: excellent
Jet fuel: excellent
Isopropyl alcohol: excellent
Methylene chloride: poor
Trichlorethane: good
MEK: good
Acetone: poor
Skydrol: excellent
Freon: excellent
Salt water: excellent
Brake fluid: excellent


Physical Properties/Technical Data

Type: Results: Test Method:
Mix Ratio by Volume 2 parts A - 1 part B N/A
Pot Life 5 Hours AASHTO-T-237
Tack-Free Time 1-2 Hours N/A



Taper Abrasion Resistance: < .02 Grams/1000 Cycles
Tensile Strength: 6,500 psi Minimum
Tensile Elongation: 75% Minimum
Coverage: 250-300 sq ft./Gal

Application: Brush, Roller or Spray
Fungus and Bacteria Resistance: Will not support growth of fungus and bacteria when subjected to mildew and bacteria


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