US Urethane Sealer



U.S. URETHANE SEALER is a one-component urethane prepolymer which cures by reaction with ambient moisture in the air to a moderately hard clear film with outstanding abrasion resistance, toughness and flexibility. The penetrating properties of U.S. Urethane Sealer ensure the concrete surface is sealed, providing a moisture barrier and reducing dusting.


Non yellowing formula

One component system for easy application

Cures tack-free in 1.5 - 2 hours

Full cure overnight

Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

Outstanding abrasion and wear resistance

Multiple coat capability for higher build


Applications at temperatures below 50 F. are not recommended

Physical Properties

Viscosity: 40 cps@77 F.
Cure Time: 24 hours
Color: Clear
Solids by Weight: 40%
Weight per Gallon: 8lbs. per Gallon


Apply sealer evenly over area by brush, roller or spray.
A second coat can be applied similarly after 1-2 hours.

Surface Preparation

1. New concrete must be fully cured (28 days)
2. Surfaces must be dry and free of laitance, dirt, dust, paint, grease, oil and other contaminants. Shot blasting is the preferred method of preparation. Aqua-blasting may be used also.


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