Texture Coat - Non Slip



TEXTURE COAT N/S is a two component epoxy non-skid coating. It is an equal volume mix that has an abrasive grit pre-blended into each component. TEXTURE COAT protects and skid proofs concrete, wood , masonry and steel surfaces. It is a waterproof and decorative coating that can be used on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. TEXTURE COAT N/S is self priming and only requires a clean substrate to apply to.

Basic Use

Texture Coat N/S is used for floors, ramps, loading docks, stairways, and sidewalks. It is used to prevent accidents in locker rooms, machine shops, parking decks and ramps, chemical plants, apartment complexes, and swimming pools.


The average rate of coverage is about 45 square feet per gallon. Coverage can vary depending upon type and porosity of the surface that is being coated.

Surface Preparation

Area must be clean, sound and dry. Convention; cleaning methods normally used are acid etching, shot-blasting or aqua-blasting.

Mixing Instructions

1. Stir each component separately making sure aggregate is not settled at bottom
2. Blend equal volumes of BASE to REACTOR
3. Mix until a uniform streak-free color is attained
4. Let mixture stand for 15 minutes prior to application


TEXTURE COAT should be applied by phenolic roller for the best application and the most aggressive surface.

Available in fine grit or coarse grit.


Physical Properties/Technical Data

Mix Ratio: 1:1 By Volume
Pot Life: 2 Hours @ 77 F. Minimum
Cure Time: 16-18 Hours (light foot traffic) @ 77 F. 48-72 Hours (heavy foot traffic) @ 77 F.
Tensile Elongation (ASTM D 638): 7%
Hardness Shore D (ASTM D 2240): 80-85
Film thickness@45 sq. ft./gal: 35 mils
Water absorption: 1%
Viscosity: Slurry Paste
Shelf Life: 2 Years In Unopened Containers
Color: Various Available

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to mild mineral acids, alkali's, detergents, solvents, syydrol, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, deicing salts, etc.


Standard packaging: 1 gallon Part A : 1 gallon Part B in a carton
Available: 1/2 gallon units, 10 gallon units.


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