Epoxy Underwater Patch



EPOXY UNDERWATER PATCH is a two component, 100% solids, moisture insensitive epoxy system. It has aggregate pre-blended into both the base and reactor portions. Underwater patch has the consistency of thick peanut butter.

Basic Use

Epoxy Underwater Patch was developed for use in grouting and repairing concrete underwater and under wet conditions. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, stone, and other masonry surfaces.


Epoxy Underwater patch should not be applied at temperatures below 35 degrees F. Exposure to temperatures exceeding 150 degrees F for prolonged periods of time is not recommended.


Surfaces must be clean and sound. Care must be taken to remove all algae and slime on wet and underwater surfaces. It is strongly recommended that underwater surfaces be roughened, to enhance adhesion.

Mixing Instructions

Blend equal volume of base to reactor and mix thoroughly. Mix until a uniform streak-free color is attained. Be sure to scrape sides and bottom of mixing pail.


Apply with a towel, putty knife or caulking gun. On deep woods or crevices, Underwater patch can be injected with conventional caulking equipment.

Physical Properties/Technical Data

Mix Ratio: 1:1 By Volume
Pot Life: 40 Minutes @ 77 F.
Cure Time: 5-7 Hours @ 77 F.
Tensile Strength (ASTM D 638): 3,200 psi Minimum
Tensile Elongation (ASTM D 638): 3% Minimum
Comprehensive Strength: 8,000 psi Minimum
Color: Concrete Gray
Shelf Life: 1 Year Minimum In Unopened Cans


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